Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day of School

On Monday in our town you could hear a mixture of moms crying about sending their babies off to school and the other half were celebrating and shouting, "WAHOO!".  School was officially back in session!

We had backpacks packed, lunches made, clothes laid out, and were ready for the first day.  These two were excited about getting back to school, seeing their old friends, and getting to know their teachers.

Ebby Lee is in second grade.  Nixon is in first grade, and Bowen will head back to preschool a couple days a week soon.

And because we need some side-by-sides...

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade

Apparently we love a denim vest on the first day.  :)  Mamas out there with girls who own a lot of strappy dresses.  It's the best way to make those dresses school appropriate.  My tip for today.  

Kindergarten-First Grade

And Nixon's first day look seems to be sponsored by Under Armour. 

Nixon on his walk into first grade.  He has such a fun, big personality but he's a home body and prefers to be with us or grown-ups he knows well.  He was a little nervous, but is loving his teacher!  Off to a great start!

And Ebby Lee was off before I had a second to take her picture.  She's in second grade now which in her world means LOCKERS.  Wahoo!   She is loving second grade so far and is already working on her first homework project.  Successful start!  :)

After drop off, Bowen and I headed straight to breakfast to meet some other friends/mamas.  And because apparently, I'm into the side-by-sides today.  Bowen and Ashby last year versus this year.

I enjoyed my breakfast and catching up with these ladies.

Our tradition has been that I decorate the door with crepe paper streamers, a banner, just whatever I can get my hands on or already have on hand for the first day of school.  As we were pulling into our neighborhood on the first day, Ebby Lee said, "AH!  I can't wait to see the door."  I FROZE!  I had FORGOTTEN to decorate it!!  You GUYS!  I warned her up front that I'd totally forgotten and promised to make afternoon number two special.  #momfail

The first day did include them arriving to these HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies.  I think that was my FIRST time to ever make homemade cookies.  I'm not even kidding.  They morphed into a big pile, but tasted delicious so we didn't mind one bit.

Tab left that day for a business trip, so we did homework, vegged out, and then went out for dinner.  We had some yummy Italian food.  Because pasta and cheese make the first day even better.  :)

Our booth was the wild one!

We ended the night with showers, a book, and lots of first day stories.

Day two this was the scene....balloons, streamers, and pinwheels!

I ran into the store to grab some balloons and they had four inflated balloons-You Rock, Congrats, Get Well, and something super baby-I can't remember.  So I grabbed the other three and we decorated.  When Ebby Lee saw them she said, "Why does one balloon say, 'Get Well'?".  I explained the situation and told her since Bowen can't read that's his.  She thought it was HILARIOUS!

And because the second day of school needs a silly string fight-we HAD one!

Our neighbors stopped by and we all got in on the action.





On another note, Tab is a little particular about the yard.  He got back from his business trip late last night and I'm expecting him to notice the bits of silly string still in the yard.  EEK!  I'm going to send him straight to these pictures so he sees those bits of neon pink and yellow in the grass were TOTALLY worth it.  :)

We're ready for a GREAT school year!  XOXO

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Entertainment with Erika

I love chatting entertainment with you girls and today is the day!  I must add this was not my best batch of books, but the excitement on Big Brother could keep us talking for days!  Right?!

I'm a huge Emily Giffin fan.  I love all her other books, but this one wasn't my fave.  It's a story about two sisters who are both struggling with finding love in different ways.  The chapters are written from each sister's point of view so we get to know them both well.  A cute chick-lit book, but not my fave.

I'm also usually a big Sally Clarkson fan, but this one wasn't my favorite book either.  The chapters are written by months, so Sally and Sarah describe things you can do in your home during each month to make your home more life giving.  Some ideas were great, but many chapters were a little redundant. 

Amazon recommended this one to me.  Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of those dark, kind of creepy, suspenseful books but this was one too much for me.  It was too dark.  This book is a bout a girl who has a tough time in her younger years.  She is humiliated time and time again but lands this amazing job and is living a good life.  She has a secret from her past that haunts her and the book is all about how she handles that-eventually she spills.

Do you guys know this one?  Glennon is a Christian author who wrote this book about her life.  She's had some major ups and downs and knows God has a plan for her life.  I would give this one mixed reviews....some things she said were great, amazing, and I was nodding my head in agreement, but she used really foul language throughout the book.  I was a little confused to be honest.  

I ordered this book last year when I read Big Mama's reading list she compiled from her readers.  When it arrived in the mail, it was one of those small, tiny font type books and it was written in the early 90's.  I had it in the console of my car-just in case and on the way home from San Antonio my book was IN a suitcase in the back of the car so I opened this up and got started.  Again, this was another suspenseful and dark novels.  Jane comes to as she's walking down the street and she remembers NOTHING about her life.  Her name, where she lives, if she has a husband...nothing.  Throughout the book, she discovers her family and has to figure out why her subconscious wanted her to forget some previous events.  There is a "dark" part in this one too.  :(  

I should stick to butterflies and rainbow books next month for sure.

What I'm reading now...
These two probably couldn't be further from each other if they tried.  :)  I'll keep you posted.

I get asked a lot WHEN I read and the answer is mostly at night.  When the kids go to bed, it's my down-time to relax so I'll read a couple chapters before bed.  I also try to think ahead and if I have the possibility of any down time waiting for an appointment or something I'll bring a book.

What I'm Watching...
We MUST discuss Big Brother!

*I was a Paulie fan from the start, but I have to say I was glad to see him go.  He changed a bit inside the house and it wasn't a good look.  I think he realized it too.
*Who are you cheering for now?
*I am a Paul fan too, so I'm hoping he wins the veto tonight!
*If Paul goes home, I'll be #teamjames all the way!
*What are your thoughts on Victor's nomination speeches?  If I was inside that house while he was giving one, I'd either have hives or be nervous laughing the entire time!!  #awkward

Bachelor in Paradise
I'm sad or maybe actually happy to report I'm officially too old to watch this show.  All the shenanigans used to be a favorite, but this season is too much.

*Chad saying ugly things to Sarah was ridiculous to me.  We're in 2016 and ABC is going to air him saying that and then they only told him he had to leave because she said it's him or me?  WHAT?!'re better than that.  Wasn't that awful?
*Grant, probably eight hours before Lace is kissing you she was ALL about Chad.  Now that he's gone she's your number one fan?  That's not right.
*Carly and Evan....???

I'm marking it down in my calendar as the year I quit Bachelor in Paradise.  #justtooold

I hope I never outgrow this show.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey might be my favorite!  #ithinkisaythatabouteverycity

What about you girls?  What are you reading/watching?  Any must-reads you'd love to share? 

Thanks for stopping by!  XOXO

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Show and Tell-Advice for my High School Self

Time for Show and Tell Tuesday around these parts!  Twice a month, I join Andrea's party where we Show and Tell a few things about us.

Today, we're sharing advice to our high school self.
You girls have seen the pictures.  I'd wanna start by telling myself....

*Just a few highlights go a long way.  Your senior year your over-do it and you regret that later.  Less is more in the highlight department for you.

*In the words of Nemo, "Just keep waxing.  Just keep waxing."  I know it feels like you'll have no eyebrow left.  Trust me, you should have her shape them up and take off a little more.  

*I know you won't even understand this, but everything you eat should not be dipped in Ranch dressing.  You'll have to learn to break that habit later in life.  It'd be easier for you to PUT DOWN THE RANCH NOW.

*Be kind-I'm sure this wasn't the case at every school, but my school was so tiny that by your senior year, seniors all kind of developed a bad attitude.  I saw it happen to people ahead of me and then found myself doing the same thing.  We just should have been nicer to everyone-teachers, underclassmen, etc.  I should add that we were all nice to each other in a weird we-all-kind-of-have-a-senior-attitude-kind-of-way.

*You'll think your parents know NOTHING.  This is going to sound CRAZY, but they really do know what they're talking about.  Pretty much when it comes to everything.  When they tell you a certain boy is trouble, you need to BELIEVE them.  How I wish I could show you his background check now.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  So listen to them when they speak. (Mom, I hope you're high-fiving yourself as you read this.)

*These forever friends you have in your life now....a few will remain those rare-pick-up-right-where-you-left-off-friends, but the majority you'll only keep in touch with via social media.  I know you can't imagine that right this second, but it's so true.  Your friendships in college and in early married life will be the ones you hang on to with all your might.  

*Be proud to be you-every person in high school is trying to find their place.  Once you find yours, be proud of who you are.  Be you-you do it well.  :)

*Don't worry so much about the boys.  You and your friends are a little boy-crazy.  It would do you all some good to put all energy into something else-maybe biology or algebra.

*Enjoy yourself-high school now feels like such a fleeting moment.  Soak up the time with no responsibilities, no mortgage, or no grocery store runs and have fun!

*And...lay off the rainbow-striped turtleneck.  Trust me.  ;)

Let's be real...I'm sure that list could go on and on.  But we all have Tuesdays to get to.  I hope you enjoyed yourself today.  See you back here tomorrow!  XOXO

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